How much money can be saved by using e-cigs?

This table shows the average monthly savings for traditional tobacco cigarettes ranging from £5 to £8 per packet of 20 and the savings have been calculated on a cost saving of 75% over 30 days.

Cost Savings Example

The average smoker can save themselves a load of cash when they switch from normal tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes.

There are several factors that will affect exactly how much you save, everyone will be slightly different but we can take an average and you can see how you fit into the figures we've provided.

Generally speaking we'd expect the average electronic cigarette smoker to reduce their monthly expenditure by about 75%. That's a massive reduction in anyone's book. Some people may save more, others may save less.

For example, it's impossible to give you an accurate figure in the table below for every single electronic cigarette, so that's why we take an average.

If you buy a cheaper kit that doesn't perform as well as some of the newer or better models, you may find you're spending more on maintaining it. You will certainly spend more on replacement parts if you don't keep your kit clean and in good order.

The cost of e-liquid varies a lot so this will affect how much you save, but we recommend to buy the best e-liquid you can so you get the best flavour and upmost satisfaction.

So the table above is just a guide, but it does reflect the average e-cigarette smoker's monthly savings which have been worked out over a period of time and then averaged out.