Manual e-Cig Battery v Automatic e-Cig Battery

The differences explained

Both these batteries do the same job but they give a different vaping experience because of the way they are activated when you use them.

Manual batteries

These batteries have a button to turn them on and off and once turned on the same button is pressed when you draw.

Historically these batteries tended to have fewer problems than the automatic batteries and less likely to malfunction.

They’re popular because you can draw for longer, and you can control the heat just before you draw, although most will cut out after a few seconds to protect from overheating.

Automatic batteries

The automatic battery is activated into use by the 'draw' of the user.

There's no on/off button so you'd think this battery would be the obvious choice for all ex-smokers. It is popular as it's most similar to the real thing, but sufficient numbers swear by their manual batteries.

Again, it's a personal choice, there's no right or wrong.

Automatic batteries generally use a bit less power than manuals so you should get more puffs.