Variable voltage e-cig batteries

Some people only use variable voltage batteries and wished they’d used them from the beginning, others have tried them and have gone back to an ordinary battery.

It’s about personal vaping preferences, but let’s explore what they actually do.

Standard electronic cigarette batteries generally work at between 3.7 and 4.2 volts. It’s what they do and you have no control over it – one power output setting. Voltage, if you're not sure, is electrical pressure.

Where the variable voltage battery has a part to play is when you’re not getting the rich flavour or the full throat hit you’d like and you wish you could ‘crank it up’ so-to-speak (or even turn it down in some cases).

Variable voltage batteries allow you to change the power setting, which means change the voltage the battery is working at and therefore the heat that’s applied to the atomizer.

You will be in control of turning the power up or down which is used to control vapour production, flavour and throat hit.

Each e-liquid has a ‘sweet spot’, an optimal temperature that it should be vaped at for the best flavour and variable voltage batteries give you the flexibility to experiment and adjust for these sweet spots.

Variable voltage batteries put you in control of your vaping experience.

Other 'vapers' may recommend that you give it some time before you go to variable voltage battery, and they will tell you it takes time to get it right.

Is a variable voltage battery right for me?

Although variable voltage e-cig devices generally give a more personally tailored performance, if you have never used an ecig before, a variable voltage (or variable wattage device) may prove to be the wrong choice and a little too challenging.

For example, if you're a relatively light to moderate smoker, up to 20 a day say, or you smoke light cigarettes, you may find the vapour production and/or the throat hit of a variable voltage/wattage device too intense at higher power levels.

If you have to turn a variable voltage/wattage ecig down to 3.7 volts or lower, to get your preferred vapour production and throat hit, you may be better off buying a standard 3.7 volt ecig device/battery to start with.

Using variable voltage or wattage ecigs can be tricky, especially if you're new to vaping and getting the knack can be more difficult with some kit than others.

To try and give an example, if you were using an ecig at 6 volts, or 11 watts, an atomiser (heating coil) can give you a harsh/dry vapour with an unpleasant flavour if the heating coil in the tank is not kept sufficiently saturated in liquid.

On the other hand, if you add too much liquid to the tank, the heating coil can flood, resulting in gurgles and liquid coming out through the mouthpiece, and leaking is possible.

Experienced users tend to get the best use from variable devices but if you're aware that it make take a bit of time to get it right there's no reason why you should be put off from trying.