Disposable e-Cigs Explained

These products are charged and ready for immediate use - no fuss, no parts, nothing to assemble.

Quite literally you remove them from their packing and you can start smoking them straight away.

A disposable product is fully charged with a cartomizer full of liquid and it’s ready for use straight away.

The battery isn’t rechargeable and nor is the cartomizer.

Everything is sealed and when it runs out of liquid that is the end of its life.

So the big difference between a disposable and a rechargeable electronic cigarette is that the disposable is discarded once it has run out because it can't be refilled or recharged.

Compared to a disposable product, there's more work involved with a rechargeable device because you need to recharge the batteries, re-fill the e-liquid, clean and replace parts etc.

Disposables are great for new and experienced users and of course they are very convenient.

You will have a lot less choice when it comes to flavours, whereas the non disposables can be filled with a multitude (100s!) of different flavoured fluids.

They will work out dearer than rechargeable kits in the long run but they'll still be much cheaper than traditional cigarettes.

These items will store ready to use for months and can be used up over a period of time, you don’t have to smoke it all in one go once you’ve started. But do keep an eye on the use by dates so you smoke it at its best.

These disposable e-cigarettes are very light and take up very little space, so they’re perfect for keeping in your handy places to ensure you’ve always got a cigarette to hand when you need one. Keep one in the car, one in your bag, your office etc.

The quality of e-cigarettes these days is far superior to what it was, and these disposable are no different - they're much better quality than they used to be.

We stock Eleaf iSmoka e-cigs and the Intellicig disposable because the e-liquid is made in the UK, both of which have a superior taste and vapour.