e-Cig crackling and popping noises

If you're hearing crackling, popping or hissing noises coming from your e-cig tank, or it might sound like it's coming from the drip tip/mouthpiece, you may have nothing to be concerned about because these sounds are quite normal.

The crackles and pops are a result of the liquid being heated and then vapourized. It's a little bit like putting a wet saucepan on the stove when it's hot, it also pops and crackles until the moisture has evapourated.

The noises and volume will vary from product to product and how you're vaping but as long as your vapour and flavour are ok, it's not likely that anything is wrong.

However, just bear in mind, if you're using a sub-Ohm coil, it may be that more liquid is building up than is being vaped resulting in a build up of liquid, ie an excess of liquid which then crackles as it's heated but it doesn't all turn to vapour. It may be that the wattage/voltage needs to be increased to provide more heat, or you may just need to vape slightly differently, for example a longer draw at the correct power level to ensure the liquid is all turning to vapour and being vaped away. 

Three things that affect these noises include:

  • Different e-liquid ingredients, especially the VG and PG as this affects the thickness (viscosity) of the liquid
  • The wick material inside the coil, ie cotton, or silica
  • The design of the coil, ie some sub-Ohm coils have very large intake holes
  • The power level (ie more or less wattage/voltage) and the resulting heat (temperature)

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