Customer Feedback about the iSmoka Eleaf iPipe

We tend to get the majority of our feedback about this device over the phone, but when we get it by email we pop it in here. To go back to the product page use this link iSmoka Eleaf iPipe.

04/02/14 - Hi Benita, Just to let you now the pipe arrived safely today & I'm really pleased with it. I suspect I need to order some bits for it though - can you tell me how long or how many times one ought to be able to refill the cartridge and how long an atomizer ought to last please? It's just that I don't want to get caught out without any spares! Thanks for your help, Best regards - Andrew

12/01/14 Hi Benita, I have been looking on your website so that I can review your ismoka ipipe; I really wanted to give some feedback because I am delighted with it.

I have never smoked a real pipe in my life, but decided to give the electronic version a try to see if it was more enjoyable than smoking e-cigarettes: the answer is a resounding yes! The pipe is beautiful to hold, and the flavour is amazing! I use the same cappuccino flavour eliquid that I had been using for my e-cigarettes and the improvement in taste is astounding! I think that anyone who is not quite satisfied with e-cigarettes should give this pipe a try. Also, I would like to say that women should not be put off what many may be seen as a masculine product. I have had a bit of initial teasing about it, but everyone has been positive and interested. Funnily enough, my main problem has been trying to dissuade non-smokers from trying it ;)

Many thanks Clare

29/11/13 - Received the pipe yesterday. What a brilliant piece of kit! Having been through a 601, 608 and two 618's (all direct from China) all of which failed in a couple of weeks, the iSmoka feels a quality item in comparison, and smokes really well. I feel it is well worth the price and would recommend it unreservedly. Regards, Ralph

25/11/13 - Dear Benita, I continue to use the iSmoka with the greatest of satisfaction and enjoyment. And it is much admired by others! For your information, from my experience so far the weakest part of this very robust pipe is the piece between the teeth. Today it has finally broken, after two months of hard use. It is still usable as a backup, but can no longer be clamped between the teeth. I reckon I have a hard bite, and am pleased that it has lasted two months. I shall order a replacement mouthpiece, and shall continue you recommend the iSmoka and your service to others. All best, David

17/10/13 Dear Benita, After a few weeks of use, the iSmoka pipe is proving a delightful and very enjoyable e-pipe. Worth every penny and so much better than the other e-pipes I tried. I cannot speak too highly of it, and I am very impressed by your customer service With my heavy bite I may need a new mouthpiece soon though! David

04/10/13 Hi Benita, Many thanks for the prompt return of the e-pipe. It has a fantastic vapour and a very good throat hit and taste. I am very pleased with it and I hope it will last longer than the 608! I would like to thank for your advice and help, and the prompt service that you have given me. Yours sincerely, Paul M