Customer feedback about our e-cig products and service

We work very hard to ensure our customers are satisfied with our service, our website, and our products.

I haven't received a complaint about our day-to-day customer service but of course issues crop up every so often, but even so, when you treat people right and follow a fair process for all that still makes for a positive outcome (well, usually).

Thank you to everyone who writes to me. I am most grateful and a little overwhelmed because most people have simply taken the time and trouble to write without any prompting. Thank you so much.

Anonymised unedited emails received from our customers:

11/11/16 - This is the 2nd time I have used your site & it is easy to navigate, informative, plus there's a great range of products on offer at decent prices. If I am satisfied with my 2nd order I will have no hesitation in recommending this site to others. Thanks. K.

01/09/16 - Thanks, Bernita. Sorry to mess you about. And please don't worry about any delay with the refund. I understand. As for your thanks about my comment... quite unnecessary: you run one of the best on-line services I've ever come across (and there have been many, believe me!). Your web-site is a joy to navigate and your service is prompt. What more can anyone ask? Peter

01/09/16 - Dear Benita, Apologies for my late reply - I have received both my orders and also related emails, thank you! I am very happy with the service you are providing which is both fast and reliable! With best wishes, Michael

24/08/16 Just like to say thank you so much for such a speedy delivery and efficient service. I placed my first order Tuesday lunch time and it arrived the following morning. I'm really impressed with both the price, packaging, quality of items and the speed of delivery. You are definitely my "go to" supplier from now on. Thanks again, happy vaper.

17/08/16 - Hi, I just thought I would write to say how impressed I was with your service. Being a newly reformed smoker, I was aghast when the tank I was using got broken. I managed to cobble it back together but ordered a replacement late afternoon and it arrived promptly the next morning! A real boon for me as I live in the country and would have had to drive a long way to replace it in a shop. Also I couldn't have resisted the urge to use my emergency tobacco. Thank you. I'll definitely be using you again. TS

12/08/16 - Usual brilliant service - Nautilus Mini arrived half an hour ago, has been unwrapped, loaded, primed and vaped. All well with it. Many usual! GF

22/07/16 - Post has just brought my order placed yesterday - as usual many thanks for your prompt service. Your firm really is great, has a simple to use site, and frankly I wouldn't bother with any other one, having discovered you. Thanks again Gerry

28/06/16 - Coils received today - many thanks for speedy service - will be back to you again when next I get paid - many thanks. GF

24/06/16 - Can you please tell me where i can leave customer service feedback. I dont normally leave feedback but your service was outstanding and deserves a mention, just dont know where to do it. MF

05/06/16 - Hi, I just received my items and I just wanted to say how pleased I am. Not sure how to make a review so thought I'd leave a quick message. I will be buying my coils from you from now on excellent service and good products. Thank you AP

02/06/16 - Hi thanks for the excellent customer service. This is only the second time I've used your company and I will definitely be back! Kind regards Adam A

17/05/16 - Hi Benita, Sorry for the delay, but apart from the postie and your delivery arriving on time (more on that later) I had a pretty pants day on Tuesday. [personal content removed].

Well, your package arrived on time and in great condition, as does all of my ordered items from you, and I'm always very pleased with the service from you. In my opinion, it really is '2nd to none'... I’ve been taking my time to adjust to the 'sub ohms' aspect of vaping and getting to grips with the new pipe. And, it's a lovely little pipe too, not too big and not too heavy. Quality is good, and seems to be quite simple to use. Very impressed so far! Many thanks, once again, for all your help, all your patience and of course, the most excellent service you provide. Cheers for now and all the best, William

24/04/16 - Last Friday I ordered an Eleaf Atomiser from you. I commented it was urgent so would it be possible to post it straight away even though I had passed the deadline by hours! I was amazed when it arrived on Saturday . Not only are you very competitive on price, your customer service is second to none! I can't recommend you highly enough and will certainly be looking for more things to purchase on your site to buy in the future. Too often people complain about things but never give credit where it's due and this is certainly one of those occasions . Thank you for excellent service. Chris W

23/04/16 - Hi, Yes if your happy to refund, obviously it'd be greatfully accepted. The start of my issues were when I first used the coil from the multi pack of 5 purchased from yourself as I had changed flavour I decided I'd just as well get new coils too at the same time, but hadn't had issues prior to this. I had taken this as a lesson learnt but if I'm honest I had done some research on your business as initially thought you were palming me off, but apparently I was wrong to assume that as you have a lot of favourable comments on the Internet of your service so won't hesitate to use you again in the future. I will keep you informed by say mid next week and if you choose to refund that would be very much appreciated. Thank you for the time you've spent dealing with this complaint. RM

26/02/16 - I just wanted to let you know that I received my order on Tuesday 23rd Feb. I'm very happy with my items and also very happy with the service and speedy delivery that you have provided. Many thanks! Kind regards, David.

10/02/16 - Hello there I'd just like to say thank you for a very pleasant transaction The e618 pipe is just superb also may I say that the lady whom I spoke to on the phone was a delight to talk too she had impeccable phone manners and was very helpful Simply delightful she was anyway I don't know the wee woman or her name but she was super Thank you from D

Aw I think I am feeling a bit big-headed today! (Benita)

01/02/16 - Hi, thank you for your help. I understand the fault was on the side of royal mail so thank you for fixing this. Yes, I am currently looking for a gift so I will be using your website again soon. I will also be recommending your website to friends as I am very impressed with your customer service :) Thanks again, Adam

26/01/16 - Hi Benita and Staff, Just a quick thank you again for your speedy and efficient delivery. I ordered yesterday afternoon and it arrived first thing this morning. You are still on top of my list of recommendations. In fact, I don't think I even need a list, ha ha, I'm just recommending you full stop. Thanks again and all the best. Kind regards William (Billy)

22/01/16 -Thank you so much Benita. I know it was only a small mark and I can understand it was probably very trivial for you but in the end you gave us a replacement and we are very grateful. When we need new stuff we will come back to you as its been great customer service. Thanks alot until the next buy. GA

15/01/16 - Hello This is just a quick email to say "thank you" for your excellent service. In recent months, we've dealt with you twice, to get spare atomiser heads for my Eleaf iPipe II. On both occasions your service was prompt, accurate and informative; your overseas postal service to France is nothing short of brilliant in its speed; and your web site is a joy to use (unlike very, very many!). I shall certainly shop with you again in the future. Kind regards Barrie J

13/01/16 - Hi Benita, JFYI Coils arrived this morning. Thanks again for your prompt responses. N.

09/01/16 - Just to say i would recomend this company for the high quality products , not only that but the outstanding customer service i received from Benita Clark it was second to none , excellent service and great qualities Many Thanks i will certainly be buying again Rob C

05/01/16 - Hi the package with "No2" on the back has arrived. Review; would highly reccomend these to anyone, great prices, high quality products and fast postage. Also very responsive to emails, happy to sort out any issues and answer all questions, thumbs up from me. Will.

31/12/15 - Hi Benita I have just received my order, many thanks for your help with this. I am very grateful for the time and effort you put into helping me. I had a excellent customer service experience and will definitely use your company again. If my first order ever turns up I will post back straight away. Please forward this email on to your boss so they can see how happy I am and how great your customer service skills are. Can't thank you enough! Kind regards Daniel

24/12/15 - Hi Benita, Package arrived - thank you. I don't say this very often but you really do give the best customer service I've ever had.

Aagh we seem to have lost all our comments from before the 24th Dec 2015!

07/10/15 - Morning Benita, just to let you know that the adaptor has arrived and I am up and running. Also wanted to say thanks for your prompt responses and that I will definitely be using the Electronic Cigarette Co for all my future e-cig purchases. Thanks again. Roslyn

27/09/15 - Finally a company with reasonable prices! Phillip V

25/09/15 - Thanks very much. Thats what i call proper service. My friend Richard is coming out on the same job and has the same battery. I'll give him the links. Cheers, Roger.

06/08/15 - Hello Benita Thanks for letting me know, I did wonder as I've received one package today and seem to have a bottle of Halo e-liquid outstanding so sure it'll turn up and be the other package. Really appreciate you letting me know, great customer service ! Take care Dave

4/08/15 - HI Benita Despite not getting what I ordered I would not hesitate to order from you again. I am happy with the product received. You have been a great dealing with my order. Not many companies would have the same approach as what you have shown. Many Thanks Paul

21/05/15 - Just to let you know, I have just received the order. Thank you for the excellent service. Doug

20/05/15 - Afternoon Benita, Thank you for your very quick response. Yes, that is the correct address for me. Certainly, if the first one does turn up I will email you immediately to let you know to expect it back. No problem, unfortunately these things happen. Many thanks for your help in this matter. Martin.

27/04/14 - Hi Benita, Thank you for letting me know and thank you for expediting shipping appreciated. It was deliberate to have two different addresses as the larger package is better sent to the office. Many thanks and all my best David.

27/04/15 Thank you so much amazing service as always :) Helen

24/04/15 - Keep the items and the money, i don't need either. I have some time on my hands and I will be frequenting every UK ecig forum about my experience with your company. Whilst I agree with your earlier point regarding my knowledge of the Thai postal service, I do not agree with the way this has been handled, especially your latest attempt to screw me regarding not being able to refund, old stock.....etc All the best Wayne

my response ...

Hi Wayne I’m sorry to hear how you will be spending your time, in attempt to discredit us. I like to hope you will have a re-think and will spend your time positively instead.

I hope Paypal has been in touch regarding the initial refund and that is resolved. Please let me know if it isn’t and I will get in touch with them again.

I can’t remember exactly when your Innokin item was superseded but we received it back some 5 months after purchase and I don’t think it’s unreasonable that we can’t take it back when it is no longer the item we have in stock. I do not think it reasonable that I should incur the cost of this item. You have already incurred the cost and it is rightfully yours.

I would like to to pay the postage so we can re-ship it to you when you’re in the UK. I will hold on to it indefinitely for you in case you change your mind. Perhaps, if you don’t want it, it would be useful to a friend instead.

I feel I have done everything to try and help, all of which has taken up quite a lot of my time, and I do feel you could have made more effort to be pleasant to deal with. Benita

(so you see I don't just put all the good stuff on here, this isn't great PR but it's honest)

26/03/15 - No worries. Top notch customer service yet again from you Benita. Andrew

25/03/15 - My son will be in as has been off school due to being ill with asthma. I dont want you to pay tooo much but I do know it's around £2.03 1st class recorded via Royal Mail as I use them to send my products. I really thank you for your kindness and co-operation. Absolutely first class service Regards Shahid

09/03/15 - Thank you so much for the help, I really appreciate it. 10/10 service. D

05/03/15 - Hiya! WOW! It's just arrived - now THAT was fast! I have attached it to my iTaste CLK so now it's about 8 foot long! LOVE IT! Thanks again for being so, well, wonderful really! M :-))))

Hi Just paid! Excellent service. I must make an account with you. Btw, people are envious of my Cobra drip tip so I tell 'em where I got it. (Not after commission, honest lol! ;) M

09/02/15 - Hi Benita, Apologies for not getting back to you, I had to go away for a few days. I have further tested the pipe and have to apologise again as there is nothing wrong with it at all. I have opened the new pipe you sent and compared it to mine and they are both in perfect working order. I will return the one you sent out ASAP. Thank you for such excellent customer service, kind regards, Damien

01/02/15 - Really happy now will only be dealing with you now can you email me when u get the 50w istick in pls Sam

29/01/15 - Thank you great service again. David

26/01/15 - hi benita,just a quick update,recieved the istick 30w and nautilus mini on saturday morning,i have been using it since it arrived and i have to say its absolutely marvelous.thank you for a very good customer service and supplying excellent products. regards alan

04/01/15 - Hi Benita, We spoke before Christmas when I placed my first order as I had lots of questions regarding which products I needed. You were very very helpful and my order arrived promptly and was excellent. Thank you very much. This is my second order. Many thanks. Kind regards, K & K S

03/01/15 - Thank you for exellent customer service. Happy new year, electronic-cigarettesco. Regards Alf-Tom

29/12/14 - And a Vappy New Year to you too. Many thanks for all your help Benita. Alan

24/12/14 - Benita, Dawn tried your little trick with priming a new coil and it worked a treat! Thanks. Happy holidays to you and yours, G

22/12/14 - Dear Benita It arrived this morning. Smells good! I will try it on Christmas eve, it will be hard to wait. Thank you very much. Have a very nice christmas time. Michel

20/12/14 - Dear Benita Thanks for your fantastic customer service and prompt reply. I hope you have mentioned my message on the package before you post it,because When I placed my order, I left a NOTE saying " when the parcel delivered ,please leave it with the concierge if I am not in." Kind Regards BD

19/12/14 - Dear Benita, Thank you, Merry Christmas and happy New Year M

19/12-14 - Thank you for your great correspondence..hope you have a merry christmas Paula

19/12/14 - Dear Benita, Don't worry, if I do not get it for Christmas, it will be for the New year's eve. I know you are always doing everything you can. Thank you, Michel

18/12/14 - hi Benita Thanks for the prompt delivery again, thought I'd surprise you by ordering on line Mark

17/12/14 - Very disappointing! Just keep it, either way I would have wasted my money as it's a very poor clone I won't be recommended your site or service. Regards John

Customer asked to send back a "new" V2 Atty. Despite item matching the images and description accurately on our website, customer was hoping it would be different to what was received and similar to those found on other websites. I agreed. It wasn't an unreasonable request although perhaps a little mystifying. However, item was received back minus the pre-installed wick and coil and with juice aroma clearly evident from within the steel tank. The item had been used and a refund was an unreasonable request. Benita

16/12/14 - Hi Benita, Many thanks indeed for your most swift dealing of my order mistake. A great service i will wholeheartedly recommend to anyone within earshot or "cybershot" Terry

16/12/14 - Thanks Benita look forwards to my molbro. Even Andy agrees it’s a good flavour and so like the cigarette. I’m sure I’ll speak to you this side of xmas Best regatds Dan

15/12/14 - Thank you Benita, your service is impeccable. Jeffrey

10/12/14 - Hi Benita Thank you for your honesty and your reply. I will stick with my order thank you as I feel you have been very helpful. I look forward to trying it :) Kind regards, Sarah

10/12/14 - Ok can't say I'm thrilled with the process but you do not really leave me any choice.  Once the claims are sorted please refund my money. I will purchase my items elsewhere. Thanks W

This international customer choose not to collect his 2 packages from customs in Asia and we haven't had them back yet. Customer is unhappy because our terms do not allow for refunds before the outcome of a claim is finalised. I think that's a fair process. If we make a refund and the status of the tracking changes, for example, they could end up 'delivered', we risk the prospect of being completely out of pocket. Benita

10/12/14 - Hi Benita, Yes, I want 18mg. Thank you for checking with me. You guys are really on the ball! Thanks for that - amazing customer service! Andy

03/12/14 - Hi Benita Replacement Magneto v2 received today, as promised. Works perfectly straight out of the box. Thanks again for the marvellous customer service. Merry Xmas Eugene

03/12/14 - Thank you, no problem at all. It's refreshing to deal with someone who can be bothered to communicate in this world today! Regards, Jeffrey

02/12/12 - Hi Benita That is the correct address. Thanks again for your help. The customer service you provide is marvellous and something you can be proud of. Have a great festive season and I hope your business prospers in the new year. Eugene

21/11/14 - Cheers Benita, first class as usual, always have my custom, have a good evening,,, Martin

18/11/14 - Dear Benita, My package arrived this morning and pipe is again up and running. P.S. My wife said you have very neat hand writing. Regards KM

17/11/14 - Hello Benita, I don't know how to thank you ! You so helped me with my issues, you the sweetest ! Benita I love you :)  (Thank you Katy, you have so made me laugh today, Benita)

14/11/14 - Hi Benita That's great news, glad it's finally with you. The refund sounds good to me, if you can process it whenever you can that'd be great. Thanks for all your patience with this item, another reason why your site is top of my list for Cape shopping. Cheers! Tony

05/11/14 - Thank you, all received today excellent service as always Jason

31/10/14 - Benita, Will do, no trouble, it’s a pleasure to deal with someone who looks after their customers as well as you do. Regards, Gary

24/10/14 - Hi, Thanks very much for the castle long taster and for the Gambit of course. My custom is yours. Graham

24/10/14 - Thank you Benita, service as good as usual. Have a nice week end. Michel

23/10/14 - Thankyou excellent service as usual, Martin

20/10/14 - Thank you Benita, it is always so nice to receive a so