What’s the best electronic cigarette starter kit?

When e-cigs first hit the market there was very little choice, and there wasn’t today’s confusing array of devices and liquid flavours and nicotine strengths.

If you’re now thinking you might want something from the world of e-cigarettes, you will see there's now an enormous choice of e-cigs on the market, as well as lots of different eliquids.

Finding the best e cigarette starter kits to suit your individual preferences may sound like a daunting prospect, however, we aim to make it much easier than it seems.

There are generally three main parts to an electronic cigarette

  1. Battery - this powers the atomizer/coil head in the tank (the small heating element which vapourizes the liquid)
  2. Tank - this holds the liquid (this tank has different names including clearomizer and cartomizer)
  3. Liquid – generally known as e-liquid or e-juice

Main considerations when buying an e cigarette starter kit

  • Choose a reputable brand to maximise on quality, safety, reliability and value.
  • Deal with a reputable vendor to ensure your purchase is backed by good customer service.
  • Identify your personal preferences:
  • Consider the battery performance and if the kit comes with just one battery, be aware to consider a second battery as a back-up while the other is on charge (this will affect the overall cost).
  • Consider the capacity for the eliquid – the average e cig tank holds about 2ml, however, many people want a far larger capacity so they don’t have to fill up so often. As a very rough guide, the average vaper may use 2-3ml of liquid per day.
  • Ensure the spares are going to be available such as the atomizer heads. Discontinued sale products and flash in the pans will become redundant if you can’t get the spares.
  • Peace of mind – what will happen if there’s a problem with your product? Be sure to find out what happens if there is a problem, look for the policy about replacements and refunds and satisfy yourself that the statutory 4 week money back guarantee is in place for your peace of mind if all else fails.

Top electronic cigarette brands/manufacturers

There are several different electronic cigarette manufacturers, offering a multitude of different products which are continuously being improved or altered for one reason or another. One of the main reasons at the moment is the European TPD regulations (Tobacco Products Directive) which is going to dictate to those of us in European Union some rather restricting rules and regs.

Best known electronic cigarette brands/manufacturers (but there are others):

Aspire, Eleaf, Innokin, Joyetech, Kanger, SMOK

What are your personal preferences?

The things that are important to you as a user may be a secondary consideration to someone else. Some vapers prefer expensive high quality flavours and sophisticated devices, while others are looking for something less complex that's more akin to a real cigarette, however, the vast majority of users simply want an e-cigarette that suits their needs and excels in all major areas.

  • Consider the battery performance. An e cig battery can come in many shapes and sizes and depending on how much power (mAh) it can store, this will give you an idea how long you can use it for before you need to recharge it. The electronic cigarette kit will come with a USB charger but be aware you may want a 3 pin adapter so you can charge from the mains instead of just your PC.
  • If you’re feeling adventurous, consider a variable battery, one where you can turn the voltage up and down. This type of battery gives you more control, as you increase the voltage more heat is created and heat affects flavour and the amount of vapour from your electronic cigarette. Be aware though, you will need patience and practice in order to get the best from these devices.
  • Liquid capacity. Before deciding what size tank or eliquid capacity you want, consider the size of the electronic cigarette device as a whole because it should be practical, comfortable to hold and convenient to keep with you.

Quality of e-liquid and choice of flavours

e-Liquid is available in hundreds of different flavours, there are several nicotine strengths, some liquids are thick, some are thinner and there are lots of different brands. Agh!

Avoid the thicker e-liquids at this stage – those with more than 50% VG content (don’t worry all our liquids have their ratios clearly stated on the product page plus our page links will take you to the right pages, but just so you know, start with liquids which are 70% PG, not 70% VG).

Buy reputable e-liquid brands

e-Liquid ingredients have to meet certain standards, some of which are pharmaceutical grade and others food grade. Increasingly you will see more and more information on eliquid packaging as the TPD comes into force. Click here for our article about eliquid quality and manufacturer testing.

A guide to e-cig nicotine strengths

  • 0mg – no nicotine
  • 6mg – light nicotine
  • 12mg – medium nicotine
  • 18mg – medium/normal nicotine

The two main ‘carrier’ ingredients in e-liquid are PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin). PG gives the throat hit similar to a deep inhalation on a tobacco cigarette and VG is smoother and produces more vapour. Click here for our article about PG and VG.

Don't forget after sales and customer service

The value of customer service and support may not be in the forefront of your mind, but when it comes to buying electronic starter kits, choose a company that cares about their products and the service they provide, because ultimately their customers’ satisfaction will be your satisfaction.