What is an e-cig mod?

eCig mods are the result of the evolution in development of electronic cigarettes.

‘Mod’ is short for modified or modification and unlike early e cigarettes, vape mods are likely to look different in size and shape, with some that are quirky or just plain bizarre, and they will usually come with more advanced user features and adjustments.

The word 'mod' is often used for the battery part of an electronic cigarette that holds the power, but when you hear the term, it may be being used to describe the complete device. You'll need to keep an open mind on that one.

If you see the term AVP, that is short for Advanced Personal Vaporizer, and that’s just another name for an e-cig mod.

So, in the early days of e-cigs they mainly resembled the size of a traditional cigarette or a writing pen, and because of this small size, the battery capacity and the liquid capacity was limited along with technological features.

Because of this simplistic e-cig design and primitive user experience, product designs began to evolve in order to improve performance.

As e-cig mods were developed, batteries became bigger and lasted longer, and tanks became bigger and held more eliquid.

As e-cig mod technology advanced, batteries were designed with adjustable power output, and a wealth of new and additional features including LED displays, puff counters, and different operating modes such as temperature control.

Most of the best known electronic cigarette manufacturers produce mods in some form or other, and although there's a huge choice of different mods available, they can be separated in categories.

An AVP (Advanced Personal Vaporizer) is a mod with intelligent circuitry and you will usually be able to adjust the power and some offer different modes. These can also be tube shaped, but you will see many box style e-cig AVP mods, imagine the size of a large box of matches and that will give you some idea, although increasing they're getting smaller.

e-Cig box vape mods have features that give the user more control over their vaping experience. They've been designed with variable voltage/wattage, greater power output for those who need it, and some have temperature control. All this helps you to get the performance you desire as well as better flavour, and greater satisfaction.

A mechanical mod is very basic in its design but is considered the ultimate advanced user item. This device is often, for example, a tubular metal case that holds batteries which are required to deliver power to a heating element. There's no electrical circuitry or electronic protections for safety, hence the user must have adequate knowledge to operate these items safely.

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