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Joyetech eCab User Guidance

People often have problems with e-cigs leaking or flooding.

The most common cause of a leaky e-cig is the way in which it’s being used (this article applies to a lot of e-cigs in general). Here’s the likely reason and here’s how to avoid it.

An electronic cigarette needs to be used differently to a normal tobacco cigarette. Generally, you do not need to put as much effort in when ‘drawing’ or 'sucking' on the device.

The eCab is a manual battery system, so it will create vapour when you push the button on the battery. As you do this, you just need to inhale the vapour very gently - you do not need to try and ‘suck’ it out. If you ‘suck’ or ‘draw’ too hard, you are sucking liquid into the atomizer – and too much of it.

That liquid cannot vapourize fast enough and will remain in the atomizer at the bottom, where there is not enough heat for it all to be vapourized, or in the mouthpiece and you will taste the e-liquid on your lips or you will get it in your mouth. Not nice at all.

An excess of un-vapourized liquid inside the atomizer will start to leak out through the small air holes at the bottom of the atomizer cone.

The thing to do is to just draw lightly. You will feel a ‘resistance’ point – don’t work against it, that’s where you’ll get optimum performance from your eCab.

When you work it too hard and go beyond that resistance point that’s when you end up with unburnt liquid.

You will not get more vapour if you suck/draw harder - the harder you suck/draw, the less vapour there will be.

It’s normal for a little bit of moisture sometimes, that's just condensed water which can just be wiped away.

It’s good practice to clean and dry the tank cartridge when refilling. This is basic good hygiene but will also help prevent any excess moisture/liquid coming out when you put it back into the device.

ePuff has sold hundreds of Joyetech eCabs and although you can never say there won’t be one that’s faulty, but there isn’t much that can go wrong in terms of leaking because there’s really only an atomizer head, the atomizer cone (with a white plastic seal inside that the atomizer head fits into) and the plastic tank cartridge that contains the liquid. There are really only these 3 parts involved in any leaking issues. We’ll assume you have a charged battery on the device that’s performing correctly.

This article relates to the eCab but it’s relevant to all tank style electronic cigarettes.

If the white plastic seal in the eCab atomizer cone is missing this will cause leaking. However, these are quite difficult to remove and they’re not likely to just drop out.