Aspire CF G-Power 1600mAh Battery

Aspire CF G-Power 1600mAh eGo style e-cig battery.

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Aspire G-Power Battery 1600mAh

Genuine 1600mAh eGo style battery from Aspire with spring connector, which makes it a little different from standard eGo batteries. This unique technology is designed to provide a strong connection between the battery and clearomizer/tank. In addition, the structural design and control circuit of this Aspire battery has been designed to make it extremely reliable and stable.

The box comes with a scratch panel so you can verify the authenticity of your product on the Aspire website.

Main features

  • Battery power is 1600mAh (click here for more info about battery capacities)
  • Manual battery - turned on and off with a 5 click on/off function (metal button)
  • Carbon-fibre styling
  • Charging time 2-5 hours
  • Typical battery lifetime 300 charges
  • Safety vent holes in base
  • High quality cell and control circuit
  • Protections: over discharge, atomizer short circuit, and charging protection
  • Low battery indicator
  • LED light indicator - blue = battery cell voltage of 3.5V-4.2V, orange indicates voltage less than 3.5V
  • Comes with well written instruction leaflet
  • Length 113mm
  • Diameter 17.4mm (thicker than a standard eGo battery which is usually 14mm)
  • Complies with European CE and RoHS standards
  • Needs to be charged with a 4.2V output charger, click here for the appropriate Aspire USB charger


  • eGo connection (17.4mm diameter)


  • 1 x Aspire CF G-Power 1600mAh battery
  • 1 x user leaflet


  • When your battery is not in use, TURN IT OFF (this is how they explode in trouser pockets!)
  • DON'T leave batteries unattended while charging (disconnect if you leave the vicinity, go out or go to bed)
  • DON'T store your batteries with keys or metal objects
  • DON'T store your batteries in pockets where they're more likely to come into contact with other metal items, and dust and debris
  • DON'T charge with a charger that charges with too much current for your battery
  • Please click HERE for full details about battery storage, safety and charging


For information about all our product warranties click here.

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Aspire CF G-Power 1600mAh Battery

Aspire CF G-Power 1600mAh Battery

Aspire CF G-Power 1600mAh eGo style e-cig battery.

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