Kamry K1000 Plus Electronic Pipe

The Kamry K1000 Plus is stylish and not too big and bulky. It has adjustable airflow and uses a 0.5 ohm Kamry X6 coil.

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Kamry K1000 Plus E-Pipe Kit

This relatively lightweight, stylish and modern electronic pipe starter kit by Kamry is the latest in the K1000 series.

This item is suitable for beginners and more experienced users, however this is a sub-Ohm device and the vape will tend to be warmer and you will need to use thicker liquids and lower nicotine. Use our page about user levels to learn more.

This kit is complete and ready to use but you will need some liquid, use this link for our fabulous selection of suitable sub-Ohm e-liquid flavours.

Because the coils are sub-Ohm (0.5 Ohm), ensure you NEVER put this Kamry tank on another e cig power source unless you know it can handle resistance as low as 0.5 Ohm, in addition, do not put a different tank on this pipe mod with, say, a 1.5 Ohm coil in situ because we understand this mod is regulated at 30W output, and your average 1.5 Ohm coil will not be able to handle the higher power output. Not need for concern, just be mindful of this information. It's ok to use another tank but ensure the coil can handle the wattage.

Authentic product, the packaging has a scratch panel so you can check it's genuine on Kamry's website.

Main features

  • Wooden body construction with stainless steel buttons
  • 5 presses of the fire button turns it on and off, and the same button needs to be pressed to draw
  • Glass tank (impervious to abrasive eliquids)
  • Liquid capacity of 2ml (TPD compliant)
  • The maximum output wattage is 30W (non adjustable)
  • Comprises a sub ohm atomizer with Kamry X6 plus 0.5 ohm atomizer heads (coil heads)
  • The battery mod itself is capable down to 0.3 ohm
  • Designed for more vapour and better taste
  • LED button indicator (lights up around the fire button)
  • Long very lightweight 'cooling' mouthpiece (below 15 degrees while vaping)
  • Unique bowl design, when not in use, it can stand on a flat surface
  • Built-in rechargeable 1000mAh lithium battery (will last about 2 days for average use)
  • Charged via a micro USB connector - for a PC or laptop, takes 3-5 hours to charge
  • Energy-saving mode - will automatically sleep if not used for 30 seconds
  • Full range of protections - low voltage cutoff, short circuit, over heat, over time smoking
  • Total assembled length of the whole pipe is under 15cm
  • Diameter of the tank is 22mm
  • Total weight 132g
  • Complies with European CE and RoHS standards


  • 1 x Kamry K1000 Plus Electronic Pipe
  • 2 x Kamry X6 0.5 ohm coils
  • 1 x Micro USB charging cable
  • If you want to charge from the mains in the UK, please click here to purchase a 3 pin USB adapter for £3.95
  • 1 x User leaflet
  • 1 x Gift box packaging


For information about all our product warranties click here.

Please click HERE to read important e-cig battery and charging safety information.


Best E pipe I have ever had

First of all I must say the service from this company is excellent. It arrived within a couple days all nicely packaged. Came with all the certification. The vape on this pipe is very smooth and consistent. Vape straight out the box due to it being a kit. Can not fault it. Many thanks


    Kamry K1000 Plus E-Pipe

    Kamry K1000 Plus E-Pipe - My Review...

    Let me start by saying how much I love this thing...I love this thing!
    It works perfectly for me with the 0.5 coil and it compliments the sub tank rather well.

    In my opinion, it really produces, especially for an e-pipe this size. I am getting nice full lung hits out of the tank, tho' it is possible to narrow the air-flow on the tank and get good 'mouth to lung' hits too. The drip tip has no restriction to the air flow from this little tank but because it's a good length, the vape doesn't come out (of the stem) too hot.

    Battery life isn't terrible, it can last for a whole tank with moderate usage, but I wouldn't take it on any really long excursions. It has a built in battery so cannot be 'swapped out' but charges via a (supplied) Micro USB cable and doesn't really take too long to fully recharge.

    As for quality, well it doesn't feel cheap at all, and the size is a near perfect fit in your hand. There is a very slight hint of button rattle, and only if you're really shaking it, but why would you do that...

    All in all, and in my opinion, if you are an e-pipe fan this is a must-have for your collection. Even if you're not an e-pipe fan, it's still worthy of a look as it's also a great introduction to sub-ohm vaping, and of course, it's just that little bit different. And finally, I also think that it's pretty good value for the money.

    Ok, so it's Five Stars from me, and a recommendation for both the e-pipe, and for the friendly advice, help, service & delivery from Benita and the Staff at the Electric Cigarette Co.

    Cheers and all the best,
    Billy (*v*)

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      Kamry K1000 Plus Electronic Pipe

      Kamry K1000 Plus Electronic Pipe

      The Kamry K1000 Plus is stylish and not too big and bulky. It has adjustable airflow and uses a 0.5 ohm Kamry X6 coil.

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