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Tobeco Hammer Mechanical MOD Clone

This is a hefty lump of stainless steel manufactured by Tobeco is the form of a Hammer MOD clone.

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Tobeco Hammer Mechanical MOD Clone

This is a hefty lump of stainless steel manufactured by Tobeco is the form of a Hammer MOD clone.

Please note, MODs are not recommended for beginners. This item is for the MOD device only, it does not come with batteries or a tank device to hold the liquid.

This mechanical MOD has a unique stainless steel design that certainly stands out amongst other MODs. As its name suggests, the design of this device resembles that of a hammer.

Main features

  • Heavy (polished) solid stainless steel construction (body is made from one piece of ss)
  • Easy-to-press fire button with locking mechanism so you can stop it going off accidently (screw the plate up that's directly under the push button)
  • Features lovely detailed laser-etched engravings on the 3 flat sides plus the push button and the battery connection
  • Individual serial number laser-etched on the body
  • Standard 510 threading (recessed)
  • Brass battery connection
  • Brass inner battery tube
  • Height 53.5mm (without extension battery tube)
  • Width 30mm
  • Length 53mm
  • Weight 130g
  • Takes a standard 18350 900mAh battery (flat top) lithium battery without an extension tube
  • Also recommded 18350 700mAh high drain battery (again without the extension tubes)
  • Recommended for the larger extension tube 18490 1100mAh high drain battery
  • Recommended for both the extension tubes together 18650 2000mAh high drain battery
  • To attach the extension tube/s unscrew the fire button but leave the separate threaded ring in situ, if it comes out with the fire button just unscrew it and put it back inside the hole it has just come out of
  • Bottom portion of the main body has multiple air holes (6) to vent the battery
  • Complies with European CE and RoHS standards

This Tobeco Hammer Mechanical MOD kit includes:

  • 1 x Hammer MOD
  • 2 x battery extension tubes
  • 1 x storage box


NEVER stack batteries in this device.

Ensure you insert the positive end of the battery into the tube first. The battery must be inserted correctly with the positive end facing downward towards the 6 vent holes and the negative bottom part of the battery making contact with the push fire button. If the battery is inserted incorrectly this could result in permanent damage to the device.

Use quality batteries only and from reputable sources. Poor quality batteries and incorrect sizing could result in a safety hazard and mis-firing.


Recommended maintenance of the device includes cleaning the brass connection tube, the fire button, tube threading, and the inside of the tube - simply remove the brass contact tube from the main body, plus the plastic rings either end and thoroughly clean the tube and its threading, plus the fire button with a something similar to a microfibre towel and standard rubbing alcohol to remove the manufacturing oil which will decrease conductivity (decrease the resistance/drop voltage).


3 months warranty for normal use and maintenance, this does not cover physical damage and breakages.

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