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Returns and Refunds

Returns and Refunds


Before you send something back ...

Please contact us before you do anything and tell us your name, purchase date, order number if you can, describe the item and tell us why you would like to return it.

If you have an issue with a product and your believe it's faulty, and you have done your best to resolve the matter, let us know and we will respond to you promptly.

We will do our best to resolve the issue with you via email or telephone, and if the item is faulty, and within its warranty period, and the fault has not been caused by user error, it can be returned for a refund (within 30 days of the purchase date) or a replacement for the remainder of the warranty period. 

To eliminate user error and to protect your claim, thoroughly check and implement any instructions you already have (ie a product user manual) or we provide you with.

Please do not return a product to us without contacting us and obtaining our agreement. If you return something to us without our consent and it isn’t faulty, and it isn't in new condition, which can include intact wrappers, seals, and authenticity stickers, we cannot reimburse your postage or refund the cost of the item.

How to send something back

Having followed the above guidelines, please ensure the item is well packaged and can’t be damaged in transit. Ensure the packet or envelope is strong enough to contain the item. If the packet is ripped open during transit and we receive it empty (it happens!), we will not be liable to refund or replace.

If the item is of low value (£20 or less), 1st or 2nd class post with ‘proof of sending’ from the Post Office can be a sufficient method of return. Ensure you obtain a ‘printed proof of sending’ and keep this safe until the matter is resolved. You will need to claim directly from the Post Office if your item is damaged or lost in transit.

Items worth over £20 but less than £50 should be returned using Royal Mail’s ‘Signed For’ service. Again, ensure you keep your ‘printed proof of sending’ until the matter is resolved. The same applies in that you will need to claim directly from the Post Office if your item is damaged or lost in transit.

All Post Office claims have to be made by the sender, not the recipient.

When you initially contact us to notify us that you have a return, if appropriate, ie in the event of a faulty product for example, we will agree to cover the costs of the return postage (within 30 days of the purchase date) and we will confirm in an email to you what that cost should be.

If you choose to incur a higher postage charge than that which is necessary to insure your item there will be a shortfall between what you have spent on your postage and the amount of our refund to you.

When the return has been agreed, we will email you specific information that is relevant to you and your product.

If your item isn't faulty your postage costs will not be refunded and you will need to pay for the item to be shipped again.

Please remember to enclose the following with your return package:

  • A brief cover letter with your name, return address, phone number and email address reason for returning the item (or make reference to the date of our last email correspondence so we have something to refer to).

Our returns address

Please return the product as outlined above to:

Healthy Start Ltd, PO Box 7270, Stourbridge DY8 9GH

Ensure your package has the appropriate postage.

Cash on delivery shipments and underpaid items will not be accepted by us.

Thanks in advance for working with us and keeping our procedures in place so everyone is treated efficiently and fairly. We do understand these matters can be frustrating and cause inconvenience.


Refunds will be made using the same method as the original payment.

Where we are liable to cover the costs of your postage we will send you this money via Paypal.

If you are returning something because you have changed your mind about your purchase, we will deduct the postage we incurred in sending it to you, because, despite our free shipping policy a postage charge has been incurred by us.

In addition to the postage charges we incur, there is VAT to apply, plus a 4% fuel surcharge, along with a non-refundable standard transaction fee from the likes of Paypal.

Damaged goods

We do not accept items as having been received as damaged or faulty after 30 days of shipping unless of course it can be evidenced that Royal Mail or the carrier delayed the delivery.

Right to cancel your order

We allow for a 30 day right of cancellation provided the products we have supplied to you have not been used.

The items need to be returned in the same new condition as received including the original and undamaged packaging. Ripped open packets and boxes are not accepted as a new condition.

Please inform us of your intentions so we can send you our returns information and ensure the items are returned to us within 7 days thereafter.

If you want to cancel your purchase because it has been delayed, please note that the likes of Royal Mail regard the package as your property for the first 15/21 working days of its transit (depending on the method of dispatch).

We do not refund orders because they haven't arrived on time, and we do not refund orders that are a few days overdue.

For non-delivered items, if we haven't already agreed to resend the items, we will refund the original purchaser after 15 working days or earlier at our discretion.


If you are returning something because you have changed your mind about your purchase, we may deduct the postage we incurred in sending it to you because, despite our free shipping policy, a postage charge is obviously incurred by us. These costs can range from as little as 90p to about £5.

Our original postage cost is non-refundable unless there is a quality issue or manufacturing defect within 30 days of the purchase date.


To guarantee its integrity, e-liquid cannot be returned unless there is a manufacturing defect, or its best before date has expired. We hope this gives our customers the peace of mind that our e-liquid comes from a traceable source.

We know some vendors offer no quibble returns, but this is not something we are comfortable with. How could we ever be sure what was in the returned bottles? Vendors need to be mindful of the validity of their company insurance in such circumstances.

Coils/atomizer heads

If you've ordered the wrong coils it's ok to return them, but the packaging and authenticity needs to be intact along with any seals on the packet. The coils must also still all be sealed in their pods or individual packets. If the coils come in a strip of 5 say, the strip needs to be intact also. If the packaging is torn or ripped apart or any of the coils have been removed from their packaging, ie their pods with foil or plastic pouches or wrappers, they cannot be returned for a refund. In essence, the packaging and contents need to be the same goods as supplied by us (we can usually verify this by the weight of our dispatches) and they need to be in the same saleable condition as you received them. Ripped or torn boxes or packaging cannot be returned as we do not sell items in that condition.

Faulty coils

Coils are consumable items but we are committed to supporting our customers when they receive coils that do not work, ie a brand new coil that is dead on arrival and is proven to be faulty. The coil/s in question may well be wet with liquid but so long they are not damaged, incomplete, burnt out or tasting burnt, ie used, then they can be returned for replacement or refund as applicable.

Please note, all dead on arrival coils are tested by us prior to replacement or refund so please be sure you have eliminated all possible causes for the reported issue as we do not return non faulty coils.