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Electronic cigarettes, a cleaner option for UK smokers

E-cigarettes have become very popular in the UK and for those who already smoke they provide an opportunity to quit smoking, cut down, experiment with f ... Read More

Electronic cigarettes, a cleaner option for UK smokers

E-cigarettes have become very popular in the UK and for those who already smoke they provide an opportunity to quit smoking, cut down, experiment with flavours other than tobacco, and offer a cleaner and satisfying alternative.

This new smoking trend is called 'vaping'.

With an electronic cigarette, there’s no tar, tobacco, or carbon monoxide, and instead of smoke they produce vapour from the heated liquid inside them.

Whether you’re trying to give up or not, consider the cleaner alternative to smoking tobacco. Bear in mind, you may not get it quite right first time. Be prepared to try different types of e-liquid and flavours until you find one that suits you.

To maximise the chances of a satisfying first try, choose quality kit, it doesn't have to be expensive if you just want to try, and as with many things prices eventually come down. We have affordable starter kits and good quality e-liquid.

If you simply buy the lowest price products on the net you may be disappointed, and if these devices and their fluids are to be a cleaner alternative, it's best to stick to legitimate brands and TPD-compliant products.

Try small quantities at first because it is a matter of trial and error, both in terms of the flavour of the e-liquid and the amount of nicotine.

We have circa 200 different flavours of e-liquid, all top quality names and they're all TPD-compliant. Even the zero nicotine flavours which do not come under the European TPD regulations have been tested for compliance.

One of the latest e-liquid innovations is called salt nicotine. It's very similar to traditional e-liquid but the delivery of nicotine when inhaled is very smooth, ie there is no real 'hit' as you might expect.

There's free UK postage on many items when you spend over £5. Some of the larger items do incur postage as they're large enough to be a small parcel.

Our e-liquid brands are made by a number of different leading manufacturers located in the UK, USA, Cananda and the EU. Not only are there lots of flavours categorised for easy selection, there is also a wide choice of different nicotine strengths, light, normal, strong etc. There's a growing selection of nicotine free e-liquids too.

Our best e-cigarette devices with quality e-liquid help to increase the enjoyment of vaping and provide greater satisfaction.

Over the last two or three years we have been pleased to noticed a significant reduction in the nicotine strengths being consumed by users.

In addition to e-cig kits to get you started, we offer all the necessary replacement coils, batteries and chargers.

We continually monitor our prices to ensure you can buy e-cigarettes at really competitive prices.

There’s something for everyone who has been a smoker (over 18 of course!) – and don’t forget, standard electronic cigarettes are less expensive than traditional cigs so you should spend less when you quit traditional cigarettes.

The e-cigarette gives many people the chance to experience a comfortable, relatively easy and convenient transition to this new smoking alternative.

Take it at your own pace and allow time to adjust to the slightly different technique and flavour. Try different flavours if you don't like the first one.

When ceasing traditional smoking, may people report being able to enjoy fresher breath, fresh clothes, improved circulation and their food tasting better. Yummy! And think of all the money you can save for other things.

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I always have a good shopping experience with Electronic cigarette Co, Excellent quality merchandise.

Parcel arrived on time. Product is just like described. Would (and will) buy again Cheers

Excellent, fast service as usual

Excellent service and prompt delivery.

First time to order with this company, I’m just getting ready to reorder.

Very good service

Easy to use site, good prices, fast delivery, they even took care to repackage the delicate items so they were protected in the post. Thanks guys, will defs order from you again :)

Fast and reliable, good prices


Again very happy with customer service product's and prompted delivery. You must use this site won't be disappointed.


Rated 4.91 out of 5

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