Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are the healthier and cheaper option for smokers

Electronic cigarettes are becoming really popular with new users in the UK in 2013, and for those who already smoke they provide an opportunity to quit smoking, cut down, or simply a healthier and satisfying alternative – and they’re so much cheaper.

With an electronic cigarette, there’s no tar, tobacco, or carbon monoxide and instead of smoke they produce a vapour. So whether you’re trying to give up or not, try the healthier and cheaper alternative to smoking tobacco.

To ensure your first try is satisfying, choose quality kit and perhaps more importantly choose good quality e-liquid because it will usually taste better. If you simply buy the cheapest, you may be disappointed.

Quality devices with good e-liquid will increase your enjoyment of what’s called ‘vaping’ and you’ll get a better ‘throat hit’. The nicotine in the e-liquid will satisfy your body’s craving for nicotine and provide a satisfying smoking experience at the same time.

Electronic cigarettes are the cheaper, healthier alternative to tobacco cigarettes and we offer some of the best starter kits and the ever so convenient disposable cigarette – we also have fantastic e-liquid made here in the UK!  Most other liquids are imported.

We offer a range of quality electronic kits, accessories and e-liquid, with or without nicotine, at reasonable prices. There’s something for everyone – and don’t forget, electronic cigarettes are about 70% cheaper than traditional cigarettes so you will spend a lot less when you quit traditional cigarettes.

Our range of starter kits have been carefully selected for their performance and style - for example, the elegant eCab looks great, or see the Intellicig Starter Kit which has been designed to look and feel more like a real cigarette.

The e-cigarette gives people the chance to experience a comfortable, easy and convenient transition to the healthier smoking alternative.

Here you can see all our electronic cigarette starter kits - this also includes a cigars and a pipe and both disposable and rechargeable items. Have a peek at our new users briefing, it will help you decide more easily.

Take it at your own pace and allow time to adjust to the slightly different technique and flavour. Try different flavours if you don't like the first one - we offer a large variety of e-liquid flavours.

When you quit traditional smoking, you'll start to experience the freedom that these new electronic devices offer you - and you'll soon begin to enjoy fresher breath, fresh clothes, improved circulation and your food will taste better. Yummy! And think of all the money you can save for other things.

Choose the cleaner, cheaper and healthier alternative, today.