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Wick Liquor e-Liquid Flavours Review

16 August 2018

Why we are loving Wick Liquor e-liquid.

Wick Liquor is quite a well known e-liquid brand and another one on the premium list that's made in the UK (Staffordshire). The range isn't new but it's still popular and that's saying something in the e-liquid world as juices often come in and go out of fashion very quickly.

The overall quality of the liquid and flavours are superb and obviously they're TPD compliant because they're in 10ml bottles.  Wick Liquor flavours are best suited to sub-Ohm coils because they're all thick 80% VG blends, which will provide masses of vapour and a smooth throat hit, and you're likely to only get the best from these flavours at high or higher power.  Here's a run down on their unique flavour profiles.

There are currently four flavours: Boulevard, Carnival, Contra and Deja Voodoo.


Boulevard by Wick Liquor is a delicious Mardi-Gras fruit punch with Malibu loganberry pulp. It's wonderfully fruity, reasonably sweet, very refreshing and difficult to put down.  Depending on your set-up and your taste buds of course, you may taste the blackcurrant, raspberry, strawberry or citrus fruit. The exact recipe isn't known so just imagine a fruity mixed berry cocktail with a twist. The loganberry tends to reside in the background. Overall it is lovely fruit cocktail flavour which despite being sweet isn't sickly and still manages to stay fresh on the palate.


If you like cake and donuts then this sweet sugary juice is one to try. The flavour profile is glazed donuts and vanilla Cholo skull cake, although we don't actually know what sort of cake that is here in the UK. Again, depending on your set-up and taste buds, you'll experience the flavour of a sweet sugary cake, dough, cinnamon, and possibly apple or other fruit. Some vapers taste bubblegum, well, we're all different!


Sicilian vine citrus and Porta Fortuna fruit compote is the description of Contra. If you love zingy lemon sorbet you may love this juice. Users often report experiencing orange, grape and even parma violet coming through too. Complex, definitely lemony who knows what else, you'll have to find out for yourself.

Déjà Voodoo

Déjà Voodoo is described as Santa Barbara coconut husk and Chula Vista sugar cane. A sweet but well balance vape that can be hard to describe as we all get something different from it. Predominate flavour profile when vaping with a low Ohm coil and higher power is a sweet creamy coconut and something slightly fruity too, sometimes there's a hint of pineapple maybe. It really needs to be tried but just bear in mind it will gunk your coils quicker than some .

If you're a sub-Ohm vaper and you've never tried Wick Liquor, and fancy a change from the norm, then these juices coming highly recommended. You only have to read some of the reviews on the net to see how people are loving it.

Here at Electronic Cigarette Co we only sell quality branded TPD-compliant e-liquid and products and we will only recommend products we believe are worthy of a review due to consistently good feedback. Wick Liquor makes great quality juice and we are loving it!

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