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e-Cig has lost its vapour and not getting hot

31 January 2020

Vapour - loss of vapour or no vapour

Possible and most common causes include clogged battery or tank connections/contacts and the coil not installed correctly.

These are the main things to check initially:

1. Coil is correctly installed (ie screwed in properly), you make know this as a coil head or atomizer head

2. Battery connection area is clean and dry

3. Tank connection area (the part that screws on to the battery) is clean and dry

4. Battery is charged and working ok

Regular cleaning of your e-cig battery is essential for good heat, vapour and flavour

Good clean contact between your e-cig battery and clearomizer/tank is essential for the best heat, vapour and flavour, so regular cleaning is essential (every couple of weeks or so for example).

Rubbing alcohol/surgical spirit on a Q tip/cotton bud is ideal. Clean the outside of the connection/contact area (for eGo batteries) and the inside too ensuring that you hold the battery upside down so gravity can take away any excess fluid. Paper towel can be used to dry the area if necessary.

For stubborn grime a cocktail stick is ideal for the threaded grooves, taking care not to break it off inside the battery, but don’t use anything metal.

Coil gets hot but not much vapour

Coil may not be sufficiently soaked through with liquid. Try adding 2-3 drops of e-liquid directly inside the centre of the coil. Some coils when allowed to dry out will need a few minutes for the liquid to be absorbed again. Remember PG e-liquid will provide less vapour than VG.

Coil gets warm but not much vapour

The coil may have too much liquid inside it and cannot fully heat up. Place the open end of the coil (the top end) on a paper towel and blow through the battery connection end. This will help to force the excess liquid out of the coil.

Also make sure your battery is charged or swap it with another known good battery to eliminate causes.

Coil is cold and no vapour

Coil may have burnt out and you’ll need to replace it but it’s possible that the central contact points between the battery and tank/coil aren't making contact.

Take something like a wooden cocktail stick or piece of credit card (don't use anything metal on the battery) and gently pry the centre contact up on both the atomizer/clearomizer and the battery. This is a fiddly job so take care not to force anything out of place. For 510 style atomizers/clearomizers with a protruding screw, unscrew it a little.

Of course, if there's a problem with the battery, for example it's nearing the end of its life, it may not be able to generate sufficient heat to power your e-cig. If you think you may have this problem, please refer to our e-cig battery problems page.

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