We normally have 2 or 3 e pipes for sale at any one time. Our reliable electronic pipes kits come with a limited warranty and everything you need to get started apart from the liquid.

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    Electronic pipe kits - Whatever you smoke, there’s a realistic electronic device to simulate traditional tobacco smoking. And now even pipe smokers have the opportunity to try out the new healthier and cheaper alternative which is easy and more convenient than the real thing. This is pipe smoking reinvented and really brings this very traditional pastime right up-to-date and in vogue. With electronic pipes you can choose from a range of e-liquid flavours just as you can an electronic cigarette. Try different flavours until you get the right one and the most satisfying smoke, or, as we're being very modern 'vape'. You may be a daily smoker, or perhaps it’s an occasional treat, either way, the performance of the likes of the iSmoka iPipe will not disappoint.