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  • Voopoo

Product Name

  • Voopoo Caliber (3)
  • Voopoo Drag Baby Trio (3)
  • Voopoo Drag Nano (2)
  • Voopoo Finic (3)
  • Voopoo MAAT (4)
  • Voopoo Panda (2)
  • Voopoo UForce (original) (5)
  • Voopoo UForce 2 (5)
  • Voopoo Vinci (5)
  • Voopoo ZIP (1)

Glass Tube Product Type

  • Voopoo UForce (3)


Voopoo coils compatible with the UForce tank.

The range includes the U2 0.4 coil.

These are genuine atomizer heads and they're sold in packs of 5. We ensure all our stock has an authenticity sticker.

Free UK postage, the price you see is the price you pay.

28 Results

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