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e-Cig Tank User Guidance

9 May 2018

These guidelines have been written specifically for the Aspire ET-S clearomizer with its glass tank and BVC coil heads, however, this article is relevant to many other bottom-filled clearomizers including Kanger EVOD, MT3S, T3S, Protank, Aerotank, Aspire CE5, K1, Innokin iClear, Eleaf, Joyetech, etc, etc). And although some of the tanks mentioned above are no longer available, the information is still relevant.

If your clearomizer or tank (same thing) is filled from the top this article is still helpful, but remember you're filling from the opposite end to that which we describe below.

e-Liquid for glass tanks

The Aspire ET-S has a glass tank so you don't have to worry about the more abrasive or acidic e-liquids that can cause problems with polycarbonate/plastic tanks.

When selecting your e-liquid ideally choose a 50 to 80% PG composition because if you use a predominately VG liquid (which is thicker than PG) it will gunk up your coil head a lot quicker and you will need to clean your kit more often. Read more here PG and VG (click here).

All the bottled e-liquid on our website is suitable for the Aspire ET-S tank even though some of the mixes are 50/50 PG/VG.

How to fill a bottom filling tank

  • The Aspire ET-S is filled from the bottom so first ensure it's not connected to a battery and then unscrew the base.
  • Unscrew the coil head from the base to familiarise yourself with it and screw it back in securely without forcing it as this could damage the silicone seals.
  • The central hole/tube running through the middle of the large tank part is for air to pass through and leads to the mouthpiece where you draw from, so when you're refilling ensure you drip e-liquid into the outer area of the tank, not in this hole because it will simply run out the other end.
  • The first time you use a new coil head (or one that's been allowed to dry out), when you've added liquid to the tank and secured the coil and screwed the base back on, let the device sit upright for 3-5 minutes before use so the liquid can be fully absorbed into the coil head.
  • Aspire has changed the internal wiring of their BDC coil head and it's now called a BVC coil head (you will see BVC written on the box). Because the new coils can take longer to absorb the liquid, we recommend reference to our page about 'priming'.

Keep your tank topped up

The device works best when it's full (remember not to overfill because it will simply run out through the central air tube and be wasted).

Your tank should not be allowed to go below 1/3 full as this helps to maintain the vacuum in the tank and prevent leaks.

Ensure you screw the base hardware back on securely for a good connection to the battery and to prevent leaks – but it’s important not to force/over tighten and put unnecessary pressure on the silicone seals and battery connector.

When you're filled up and ready to go please see below (battery option 1) about how to activate the battery.

If you get a burning taste it's telling you the liquid has not been fully absorbed into the coil head (or the tank has run too low) so remember the priming process above and allow more time.

For refilling, if you have already used the device, hold the device upside down and keep a paper towel wrapped around the mouthpiece to catch any excess liquid, and then follow the instructions above.

Do not activate the device without e-liquid and without allowing time for the liquid to absorb into the coil head, otherwise the coil is being heated dry and this may lead to the coil head being permanently tainted with a burnt taste.

Common problems - gurgling

Gurgling noises or leaks are a sign that liquid has found its way into the tube in the centre of the tank and most usually occurs after a refill.

Ridding the tube of liquid will resolve the issue and to do this with or without emptying the tank simply remove the clearomizer from the battery (keep it upside down if you have liquid in it), wrap a cloth or tissue around the battery end of the clearomizer and blow through the mouthpiece.

See also our page about gurgling and leaking.

Common problems - condensation

It’s normal to find a small amount of moisture in the battery contact area.

Regular cleaning/drying is recommended for a good connection.

Ensure you clean and dry the battery before re-charging it.

Paper towel is ideal for cleaning and drying this excess.

It’s normal to find condensation (condensed vapour) in the mouthpiece areas due to the heating and cooling of the device.

Paper towel is ideal for cleaning and drying this excess.

Remember to order more coils heads soon

Be aware that the coil heads have a typical lifetime of 1-2 weeks and as they begin to wear out you’re likely to experience reduced flavour and vapour and this can happen quite quickly so you will need replacements to hand.

How to change a coil head

  • The coil heads in the ET-S are removed and changed by unscrewing the bottom base of the device.
  • The coils screw into the base so unscrew the existing coil from the base and screw in the new coil.
  • It should screw in smoothly and easily, and it should be tight but not forced.
  • Ensure the new coil head is screwed down into place before reassembly and use.
  • If you're changing the coil head with liquid still in the tank keep the device upside down and ensure the coil head is saturated with liquid before use as above.

Battery option 1 - Standard eGo 650mAh battery

The standard battery supplied with our Aspire ET-S kit is a 650mAh manual battery which is turned on and off with a 5 click on/off function (5 clicks within 2 seconds).

The easiest way to do this is to count one, two, three etc and ensure you click 5 separate times otherwise the battery may not realise you have clicked 5 times.

The battery will let you know it's recognised that you've turned it on by flashing 3 times (the amount of flashes may vary depending on the battery).

When you've filled up and followed the instructions above, and turned on your battery, you're ready to 'vape'.

Press the battery button down to activate the heating of the coil head and gently draw on the mouthpiece.

It is normal to be able to hear this heating process and you're likely to experience one or two crackles when the device is heating from being cold.

This battery comes part charged (they all do) so it's ready to use.

The first time you recharge it ensure you give it a full charge which could take 4-5 hours.

Don't overcharge the battery, when it's charged and the light on the charger turns green remove it from the charger.

Please read important safety information below.

Good clean contact between your e-cig battery and clearomizer/tank is essential for the best heat, vapour and flavour, so regular cleaning is essential (every couple of weeks or so for example).

Rubbing alcohol/surgical spirit on a Q tip/cotton bud is ideal.

Clean the outside of the connection/contact area and the inside too ensuring that you hold the battery upside down so gravity can take away any excess fluid.

Paper towel can be used to dry the area if necessary.

For stubborn grime a cocktail stick is ideal for the threaded grooves, taking care not to break it off inside the battery, but don’t use anything metal.

Charging time is typically 2-3 hours.

Ensure you only use the chargers supplied with the kit and if you should need a replacement please refer back to us or our website to ensure you get the right one.

Important notes about charging batteries

  • Always use the correct charger for the battery you are charging.
  • Never leave batteries unattended while charging, unplug before you go to bed or go out.
  • Don't charge batteries on combustible surfaces such as carpets or surfaces that could be damaged by heat.
  • When the battery is fully charged unplug it.
  • Ideally let the battery rest for a few hours after charging.
  • Don't let the battery drain of power completely, it's recommended to recharge the battery when it is low on power, not totally empty.
  • Don't leave the battery without any power at all when it's not in use - this can result in a less usable battery.
  • Don't heat or incinerate batteries.
  • Don't charge damaged batteries.
  • If a battery becomes hot when you're charging it, stop charging immediately and let it cool down before you handle it further.

How to store and look after your batteries

  • Storing batteries properly extends the life of the battery and keeps them from becoming a safety hazard.
  • Store batteries away from metal objects including items such as keys and coins (so avoid leaving them in your pocket).
  • Store batteries in a dry, cool place which is not subjected to extremes of temperature or humidity.
  • If you live in a hot location batteries can be stored in a refrigerator (but don’t freeze them).
  • If you do this, you must seal them in an airtight plastic bag to maintain the right moisture level.
  • When storing lithium batteries for a period of time, ideally leave them about 40% charged - this minimises degradation and allows the battery to slowly discharge itself, which is crucial for its operational health.
  • Always store batteries with the positive and negative terminals away from each other so they can’t begin conducting electricity idly.
  • Avoid storing new and old batteries together because there is a risk that the newer ones will conduct electricity into the older ones.
  • Dispose of batteries safely and in accordance with regulations (some local shops have recycling facilities now).

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